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Olmsted Community Preschool provides a comprehensive hands-on program to promote the growth of preschoolers socially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. The primary focus of our school curriculum is the social and emotional development of the child, readiness activities are included so that the children are prepared for transition to a kindergarten program.  Our curriculum is supported and enhanced by outstanding teachers,  age-appropriate equipment, learning resources, and stimulating activities. The curriculum incorporates teacher directed and self-initiated activities. Interactive, hands-on activities include water and sand tables, painting, puzzles, easels, play-dough, blocks, and construction toys

Daily activities include free play, story time, art, science, math, language arts, music, circle-time, and themed activities.  Children work and play both in groups and individually. Imaginative play is encouraged through our ever-changing dramatic play and construction centers. Opportunities are provided for both large and small motor development.

Every member of our staff is well qualified and experienced. They are trained in the area of preschool education and meet or exceed the requirements of the State of Ohio for work with preschoolers. They have been specifically chosen for their love of preschool children and their ability to recognize and appreciate the unique gifts of the children they teach.


Three-Year-Old Program*  

The primary focus of our three-year-old program is to enable children to develop strong self-esteem and independence enabling them to separate from their parents with confidence. We introduce the children to a classroom structure and a supervised routine where they can learn to be part of a group. Age appropriate activities are planned as an introduction to academics.  The classes are conducted in a caring manner providing an ideal preschool classroom setting.

*Must be able to take care of own bathroom needs.

Pre-K Program

Our four-year-old program is designed to prepare the child for kindergarten.  We work to further develop the child’s self esteem and promote his or her growth socially and emotionally.  Our program provides an environment and activities to develop readiness skills related to school success. Important skills such as following directions, learning to work independently, listening, expanding attention span, staying on task, and controlling impulses are all focused on at this age level. An introduction to academics is provided as well.

Pre-K Extended Program

This program is designed for five-year-olds who are not yet ready to start kindergarten and four-year-olds who may require a more challenging experience.  It is not a substitute for kindergarten, but rather a time to allow for growth in a caring nurturing environment.

Designed for children with previous preschool experience, it provides each child with more independent choices, and more responsibility. The Pre-K Extended child will be expected to follow multiple-step directions. A more in-depth introduction to academics is provided as well.

Any questions call the Preschool at 440.235.3869

Preschool Learning Pod
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